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Rosemarie Morneau experience with dyslexia page 1

Rosemarie Morneau experience with dyslexia
The fist time she  understood the she was different from other people. occurred when she was 5 to 6 years old. she just enrolled in to school for the first time and she knows that she was having trouble with her reading and spelling. she asked yourself why can't you figure this out? why are you having trouble understanding how to spell your own name?
She ask yourself these questions all the time and over time she became more and more frustrated with herself and the world around her self. For it was hard for her to comprehend the world around her self. She liked having books read to her but it was hard for her to understand the words when she tried to read herself a book in question. 
Later on she found out through a lot of testing, as she had a condition known as dyslexia. This condition explain a lot to her and help her understand her problems with the written word.
However, she was growing up in a Time where the written word was very important but there was some light at the end of the tunnel to help her with her problems,with reading and writing.
This breakthrough was known as computers and the program's There in a lot of the computer programs she uses on a daily basis now, to help her communicate with the outside world in a written format.
These computer programs are known as software by most people. The software programs text to speak and speak to text. She finds these programs immensely helpful to her everyday uses of communicating with others over the internet via email etcetera.
However, even computers can make mistakes. This sometimes makes a woman very angry. Because it makes it more difficult for her to express her feelings and ideas to others over the internet.
But, she enjoys the use of the computers program. These programs are known as software. The programs that she uses the most are text-to-speech and speech-to-text software.
The woman who as dyslexia is Rosemarie Morneau and this my story. This how I deal whit dyslexia on a daily basis. Right now as I am  writing this book . I am using text to speech software on a tablet computer. The company who makes the tablet is Google and I prefer to use their text to speak software. However , there are some people with dyslexia who prefer to use other software and I respect your choices in that manner.  
Because,  in this manner it is a  personal preference which software you use to help you navigate the ribbon word. For me I just find it easier to use the Android system, but again that's just me. Others who are in the same situation that I am in may use different systems again.
I also tend to repeat sentences in order to be understood and the word. Because, it is hard sometimes to convey a sentence idea ,concept.

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